Georgia Swarm Falls in Last-Second Heartbreaker

DULUTH, Ga.— The Georgia Swarm start off their double header weekend with a
heartbreaking 11-10 loss to Colorado Mammoth after a last-second goal from Stephen Keogh.

Colorado Mammoth pulled ahead in the last five seconds of play after Keogh bounced a goal past Swarm goalkeeper Mike Poulin, effectively ending the otherwise Swarm dominated game.

“We’ve said all year we were frustrated we didn’t have any power play opportunities and we had a boat load tonight and didn’t cash in,” Swarm head coach Ed Comeau said. “Five on three in this league and you got to score. We have two chances and we didn’t score. That’s really the difference in the game.”

Tied at six different points during play, the game was high energy and aggressive.
Sixteen overall penalties resulted in multiple Swarm power plays and 18 minutes of penalty time to Colorado’s 20 minutes.

“You’re playing a ton of defense and offensively you’re just trying to run the clock out,” Swarm team captain MacIntosh said. “The guys on offense are really not clicking there because you’ve just got to kill the clock.”

Randy Staats scored the first goal in the first quarter with a bounce shot from the left. The Swarm faced their first minor setback when Bryan Cole tumbled over the Colorado goalkeeper Dillon Ward, causing a small fight to break out and costing both teams penalties. Cole was sent off for five minutes and Joey Cupido of Colorado was sent off for two minutes.

Colorado took the lead during their power play with a goal each from Zack Greer and Eli McLaughlin. Jesse King and Staats took another goal each, setting the Swarm ahead 2-3 by the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter started with another bout of penalties when Chad Tutton of the
Swarm and Jeremy Noble of the Mammoth were set off for two minutes for a dead ball, while John Ranagan of the Swarm was sent off for five minutes for a high stick foul. Colorado pulled ahead again with a hat trick coming from Ryan Benesh, and a goal from both Keogh and Greer. Swarm came back for the lead with four goals of their own, putting them up 6-7 by the end of the half.

The final half saw eight more penalties and was momentarily tied again before Lyle Thompson scored his second of the game for a Swarm lead of 8-9.

“I thought we deserved to win, we had a lead there and let up a couple of goals,”
MacIntosh said. “The last play was kind of ‘bang-bang’, shot just trickled around Mike’s [Poulin] legs and squeaked in, just a bad bounce and not much we can do there.”

Colorado’s Stephen Keogh scored his first goal of the match to tie up the game 10-10
with three minutes remaining in the half, putting pressure on the Swarm. Keogh came back for his second, game winning goal through the legs of Poulin in the last five seconds of play for a Mammoth win, 11-10.

“Once we leave the dress room we’ve got to put this behind us we’ve got to focus on
what we’ve got to do tomorrow night,” Coach Comeau said. “Disappointing, but we’ve got to turn it over, turn it off and move on to tomorrow.”

The Swarm take on Toronto Rock for the second time this season on March 3, in
Toronto, Canada.

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